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TitlePubl. DateBlurbAction
The Undivided City4/5/1968In the wake of the Six Day War, Shmuel discusses the historical and spiritual significance of the unification of the Jews' ancient capital. (Note: Text incomplete)Download PDF
Will Appeasement Lead To Peace1/1/1969This Pamphlet argues that the Sinai desert, The Golan Heights, and Judea and Samaria are necessary for Israel's defence, and that Israel has a historical right to them.Download PDF
Battleground1/1/1973A fully documented, dramatic history of the turbulent events which shaped the crisis of the Middle East. Every key problem, conflict and decision is carefully analyzed, from the questionable polices of Britain in 1948 to current issues.Download PDF
The Assault of Soviet Imperialism11/16/1973Shmuel Katz writes an open letter to U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger attacking his position that Israel must make concessions to appease Arab and Soviet demands. 'The scenario of your policy, it seems to me, could have been written by Neville Chamberlain,' Katz writes.Download PDF
The Crisis Of Israel And The West1/1/1974Katz shows how the Israeli Labor government, under U.S. pressure, gave up the Sinai step by step after the Yom Kippur War. He also gives his view of the strategic implications of Egyptian control of the Suez Canal.Download PDF
The 'Peace Plan' is Now Defunct2/10/1978Katz argues that the 'peace plan' currently being negotiated with Egypt is dead. Sadat, having been promised from the get-go that all of the Sinai will be his, has therefore focused his demands Judea, Samaria and the Golan. Further negotiations will only mean further concessions, Katz says, bringing Israel closer to withdrawal from 'all the territories.'Download PDF
From No-Man's Land to 'Sacred Soil'2/28/1978Katz shows that the Sinai peninsula never legally belonged to Egypt. Sadat's claim that it is 'sacred soil' is 'nonsense even more arrant than the usual nonsense of Arab propaganda.' Israel should treat Egypt's refusal to let it remain in less than 1 percent of the territory, an area essential to its minimal security needs, as sufficient reason to withdraw its offer.Download PDF
How Begin's Initiative Became 'The Sadat Initiative'3/8/1978It was Begin's initiative to reach out to Egypt, Katz reveals. But Sadat, with the help of Israel, made it seem the initiative for peace came from him. In truth, he already had Begin's promise for virtually the whole of Sinai, minus 2%, in his pocket when he came to Jerusalem. 'Israeli leaders actively collaborated with Sadat in disseminating his untruth which stole the 'show' from their truth ' with all the grim implications for the contest to win public opinion,' Katz writes.Download PDF

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